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Concept of IHE-J

Concept of IHE-J
Chairman of the IHE-J Planning Committee Yutaka Ando

Welcome to Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise Japan

IHE-J was established in July 2001 and supported by the six organizations (JRS: Japan Radiological Society, JSRT: Japanese Society of Radiological Technology, JAMI: Japan Association of Medical Informatics, JIRA: Japan Industries Association of Radiological Systems, JAHIS: Japanese Association of Healthcare Information Systems Industry and MEDIS: Medical Information System Development Center). Also IHE-J was partially supported by the METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) and the MHLW (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare).

Activities of IHE-J contains

Technical assessment of IHE documents
Investigation into Japanese extension
Interoperability-testing event called Connectathon was held annually from 2004.
Demonstration of IHE for users
Publicity activities to medical staff and users (Workshop)
Publication: book / DVD

Success Story :

The first IHE implementation in Japan was Saitama Medical Center at March 2005. And Fujita Health University Hospital at April 2005, Okazaki City Hospital at January 2006, National Institute of Radiological Sciences (NIRS) Hospital at April 2006, Takayama Red Cross Hospital, Hamamatsu Medical University, Fukui University Hospital etc. were introducing the IHE systems.

When medical information systems are introduced into the clinical field, medical staff should find them easy to use, and the overall quality of medical care should be improved. IHE-J believes that this is the goal of IHE.

IHE-J needs to absorb the achievements of advanced Western IHE, while fully utilizing the advantages of Japan's unique cultural and social environment, and its established medical systems.

By doing so, we aim to demonstrate specific system models and guidelines for information systems, and promote the use of medical information that meets the demand of Japanese hospital environments at intra and inter hospital information exchange.