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IHE-J 2017 Connectathon

IHE-J 2017 Connectathon
We are pleased to announce that the schedule for IHE-J 2017 Connectathon is fixed.
Date : September 24 (Sun) - 29 (Fri), 2017
Setting up the place and installing devices is scheduled on the first day.
The period of IHE-J Connectathon is extended for half day this year.
Venue : Tokyo Sangyo Boeki Center Taito-kan 6F
( Google Map )
Hanakawato 2-6-5, Taito-ku, Tokyo
5-9 min walk from Asakusa station
( Ginza Line / Asakusa Line / Tobu Isesaki Line / Tsukuba Express Line ).
Test Selection - Domains and Profiles
Domain Profiles
Radiology RAD SWF.b / CPI / ARI / KIN / ED / MAMMO / PDI / IRWF / REM / PIR(V2.5)
Laboratory LABO LAW / LBL / LDA / LPOCT / LTW / LTW-MB(GIR Option)
Endoscopy ENDO EWF / ERPO
IT Infrastructure ITI ATNA / CT / PAM / PDQ / PDQV3 / PIX / PIXV3 / XDS.b / XCA / XDS-I.b / XCA-I / PLT
Radiation Oncology RO MMRO / BRTO
Patient Care Device PCD ACM / DEC / PDVQ
These profiles are subject to change.
Participation fee   (except for 8% consumption tax)
IHE-J Member
S-Member A-Member not Member
Basic Fee
450,000 yen 450,000 yen 550,000 yen
System Fee
per 1 system
100,000 yen
exempt following number of systems if attended annual IHE-J Connectathon consecutively.
0 times: none
1 times: 1 system
2 or 3 times: 2 systems
4 times or up: 3 systems
100,000 yen
exempt following number of systems if attended IHE-J Connectathon consecutively.
0,1 times: none
2,3 times: 1 system
4 times or up: 2 systems
200,000 yen
Additional Booth Fee
10,000yen 10,000 yen 10,000 yen
  1. Due to increased costs and extended period of the event,
    fees are up a little bit this year.
  2. '1 system' includes following fees.
    1 booth (one table and two chairs), IP address (free), electricity and tech support.
  3. If additional booths are required, 10,000 yen per booth will be added.
Schedule up to the IHE-J 2017 Connectathon
Date Event Details
April 26 (Wed) Vendor
Workshop 1
If you are new to IHE-J Connectathon, be sure to join.
From the end of April
to the end of May
for participation
Please register with IHE-J Connectathon Application System (available soon). After your application is accepted, you can register your systems with Gazelle.
From May Recruitment of judges We wellcome user side judges working for medical institutions. Necessary seminars will be held for judges so please join.
June 13 (Tue) Vendor
Workshop 2
Available only for members of companies registered for IHE-J 2017 Connectathon. We will talk about this year's connectathon details including scenarios and pre test infromation.
Mid June
to the end of August
Pre Test We will conduct a preliminary test.
Contact Us
If you have any questions, please contact IHE-J Connectathon staff at